Cashmere goats have long lived in their native habitat in Kashmir. The area offers the ideal conditions for growing goats to produce one of the finest fibres in the world because to its natural grasslands and chilly weather. A single sheep may create enough wool to manufacture up to five woollen sweaters, whereas it takes four goats to produce enough fibre for a single cashmere sweater. Because of this, cashmere has long been regarded as a luxury fibre; nonetheless, casual cashmere products are now widely accessible and reasonably priced. The Kashmiri grasslands are being destroyed by the rising goat population brought on by the increased demand for cashmere worldwide.
Kunfa Cashmere is wholly dedicated to protecting the environment and Kashmir's lush meadows. In order to start reversing the desertification that has already occurred in Kashmir, we are collaborating with partners like the Sustainable Fibre.
The cashmere is best extracted from the goat using a gentle hand comb, and Kunfa Cashmere makes sure that this technique is always employed. Since Kunfa Cashmere values "FAIR TRADE," we eliminate any pointless middlemen from the production process to protect the just price that herders receive for their cashmere.
Working circumstances
Kunfa Cashmere contributes to economic growth, higher living standards, and the creation of jobs that assist people escape poverty. We give locals over 1,100 jobs through our company. About two thirds of these jobs are performed by women. This job represents a first step towards independence for many of these women as it is their first paid employment outside the home.
We place the utmost importance on equality and the absence of prejudice in the workplace. Every Kunfa Cashmere employee has the right to equal opportunity and treatment, and every employer has a duty to prevent discrimination and harassment at work.

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