The Kunfa Cashmere Heritage

The primary origin of Organic Cashmere sourced naturally can be traced back to the region of Kashmir. This locale serves as the cradle of the most high-priced textile on the globe.
The Kunfa Cashmere began in 1979
The Kunfa Cashmere began in 1979. Being among the pioneering providers of Cashmere yarn to international labels, the family-run enterprise spanning generations has admirably transformed into a manufacturer of opulent garments showcased in high-end boutiques and prestigious fashion runways worldwide. Excellence is the driving force for our loyal clientele, who appreciate the manner in which we've skillfully amalgamated tradition and cutting-edge techniques in both textile and artistic conception.
Employing the most ecologically conscious and morally upright technique of manually combing our cashmere stands as our top priority. The robustness of Kunfa Cashmere serves as a testament to its worth. Our design experts are renowned for seamlessly blending heritage and contemporaneity within their unique artistic style, drawing inspiration from the principal global fashion centers.
Our overarching objective is to ascend as the foremost luxury brand for cashmere on a global scale. Through perpetual innovation aimed at crafting top-tier merchandise and providing unparalleled customer assistance, we aspire to uphold and perpetuate our esteemed standing.

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